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LLC Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Master Guide for Non-US Entrepreneurs


Are you looking for the most transparent and step-by-step LLC guide to start your US company and launch your US business? 

As a new business owner in the US, I know exactly how you are feeling:

Thrilled by the idea of expanding your business in the US, pricing your products and services in USD, generating higher income, working with a global clientele, and equally excited to make the most of the other potential opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead.


  • Overwhelmed with so much information online on the different strategies, combinations, and advice available online, some of which is contradictory.
  • Clueless about how to actually get started with opening a US LLC in the correct way. Questions may arise such as: Which state to register in? Is LLC the right entity type for me? How to optimize and save on taxes?
  • Stressed and frustrated by how complicated the process seems.
  • Unsure about the overall process with the next steps, what is required at each stage, and what is not required or can be avoided.
  • Nervous about taking the first step and trusting the right partners and advisors in your journey.
  • Fear of losing your money with wrong partners or making wrong decisions that can come to bite you later.
  • Demotivated by the absurd costs, lack of accurate information and the high consultation fees CPAs, lawyers, and attorneys?
  • Worried about what happens if you hit a roadblock and how you would navigate forward in the best possible way?
  • Blank on how to deal with certain adverse situations since you have no one to guide you in the initial stages or no clear roadmap to take action.
  • Frustration because of hidden fees and partners not providing you with right support that you require or processes not moving forward as they should?

The big question is: Are you ready to overcome all of these self-limiting feelings and launch your US business confidently?

Then read on...

Introducing LLC Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Master Guide for Non-US Entrepreneurs

The is the ultimate guide to launching a US LLC for Non-US Residents from anywhere in the world and a step-by-step master guide with everything you need year over year to keep your LLC compliant.

Here's everything you get in LLC Made Easy:

  1. Why Incorporate a company and business in the US?            
  2. What is an LLC?            
  3. Can a Non-US resident start a US LLC?            
  4. Should I form an LLC, a C Corp, or an S-Corp?            
  5. What is the best state to form my LLC in?            
  6. Steps to form an LLC for Non-US residents from anywhere in the world!
    • Step 1 - Deciding how to form your LLC
    • Step 2 - Get a US mailing address
    • Step 3 - Get an EIN (Employer Identification Number)
    • Step 4 - Get a US phone number
    • Step 5 - Open an online US business bank account
    • Step 6 - Set up a US Stripe account
    • Step 7 - Set up a US PayPal Account
    • Step 8 - Bookkeeping
    • Step 9 - How to file taxes and stay compliant with the IRS!
    • Step 10 - Dissolution (if required)
  7. Bonus - One FREE 15 minute 1-on-1 consultation with me.

"Parshwa, this is exactly what I've been looking for! But do you think this LLC Made Easy Master Guide will work for ME?" 


In this guide, I have explained what you need and what you don't need along with the why, so you can understand why something is right or wrong for you. 

I have advised and assisted more than 500 Non-US residents from across the world in starting their US LLCs. I have successfully completed more than 400 1-on-1 consultations, answering different questions that clients have while starting their US businesses.

Over time, I realized that the questions are common and repetitive and so I decided to write a comprehensive guide.

I have taken the time to carefully research and compile all the essential information you need to know to successfully open and run your US company.

I have also added and answered FAQs from my clients after each step. These questions will help you get a crystal clear picture on your US journey with what is required/what needs to be done Vs what is not required/does not need to be done.

Most of the information in this guide is also available on various different websites and blogs. In fact, you can also visit my Twitter profile and get most of the information in this book for free from the MEGA thread pinned to my profile.

But if you need 1 simplified, structured, easy-to-understand, and step-by-step guide to save time & avoid confusion or contradictory information on the internet, this book is for you.

This guide goes beyond just explaining the process of setting up an LLC. It also covers important topics such as the legal requirements, tax implications, and potential challenges you may face as a non-US resident. Moreover, it provides valuable tips and insights in the form of FAQs to help you make informed decisions and avoid common and expensive mistakes that others have made.

I guarantee that, if you read this book, no service provider/lawyer/attorney/accountant can cheat you or misguide you while you embark on your entrepreneurial journey in the US. 

By following the step-by-step instructions, you can be confident that you are taking the right steps to establish your business in the US. Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or an experienced business owner, this guide will provide you with the knowledge you need.

So if you're ready to take your business to the next level and set up an LLC in the US, this Ultimate Guide is the only resource you'll need.

What If I have questions after reading the book?

You get One FREE 15 minute 1-on-1 consultation with me. In this consultation, and I will answer all your questions and clear your confusions.

Write down all your questions while reading the book so you can make the most of your free consultation, if you need one. My meeting booking link is available in the book.

Read below what other's consulting with me have to say about their experience with me.

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About me!

My most notable qualifications are Indian CA and US CPA among many others.

I have more than 10 years of work experience in different fields. I started off working with BDO India (BDO is the 5th largest accounting firm in the world) 10 years back. I worked with BDO in different areas such as Statutory Audits, Internal Audits, Accounting, Direct and Indirect Taxation, Financial Due Diligence, Buy side/Sell side Due Diligence, Legal matters and more in my 6+ years with them.

Post leaving BDO, I founded my own fresh food e-commerce company in India. We bootstrapped the company to $300k+ in revenue in around 2.5 years in a tough market like India. We were profitable from Day 1 and the business is now fully managed by my family.

Post my entrepreneurial journey, I joined doola where I could pour all my previous work and business experience. It is a great industry for me to be in considering my past experience and I found an awesome fit with doola in the industry. As of today, I handle sales/consulting, taxation, bookkeeping and a bit of marketing & partnerships at doola!

Writing this detailed book would not be possible without the help of my co-founders & my awesome colleagues at I am grateful to all of them for providing me with the opportunity to work in an environment that values research, open communication, and accuracy in client service.

Through my time with doola, I have gained invaluable knowledge that enabled me to write this book with confidence. I credit doola for being a crucial partner in my journey, and for helping me develop the skills and expertise that I continue to use today. Thank you for fostering a culture of growth and learning that has positively impacted my professional development.

About doola - doola is a trusted partner for helping global entrepreneurs confidently form their companies in the US. doola helps their customers incorporate in the US, access US banking and payment systems, and stay legal year after year through continued support, business basics, and a global-first mindset.

Disclaimer - I have not promoted or favored any of doola's product or offering in this book and my sole intention is to educate you for your US journey.

I know you've got questions:

"Parshwa, I'm learning a lot from various websites, blogs and other free resources. Why should I buy LLC Made Easy?"

Published content, although valuable, is neither structured, nor meant for your specific situation or business. On the other hand, LLC Made Easy is a simplified and structured step-by-step method of launching your US business, one that will show you the right process and save you from costly mistakes.

You also get One FREE 15 minute 1-on-1 consultation with me where I will answer all your questions and clear your confusions, so I've got you're back and with me, you are in safe hands. My meeting booking link is available in the book for you to book a free consultation with me.

Of course, you can figure all of this out by yourself too. The only difference is in how much time and $$ you're willing to spend in figuring it all out: Expensive CPA/Attorney/Lawyers with sometimes contradictory advice or a few hours of reading LLC Made Easy and a free consultation with me?

Ready to order your copy?

Click "I Want This", and order your LLC Made Easy copy now! 

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LLC Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Master Guide for Non-US Entrepreneurs

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